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Food & Bevrages Industry

In the Indian economy, food processing industry has unique contribution. That is why we have introduced vibro screen machine for food & Bevrage industry. People awareness and changing lifestyle has provided various opportunities to food service providers and makers. The main objective of our quality range of vibro and gyro screen machine is to offer food processing solution which will preserve the nutrition, colour, hygiene and flavour of the processed food. Our various ranges of vibro and gyro screens are designed to provide complete solutions of your food processing requirements such as dry, grind, separate, mix and other important operations without compromising its quality. Our customize gyro screen machine for food industry is very helpful for food industry to introduce new and quality food product to grow their profit and market share.

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of "food & Beverage" industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

There is huge requirement of sifting process at every stage in pharmaceutical industry. For this purpose, we have developed an effective and efficient vibro screen machine for pharmaceutical industry Our gyro screen machines are different from conventional gyro machines and they are more efficient than conventional mechanical machine. Our vibro screen machines are more reliable and maintenance free than any other gyro and vibro screen machines offered by leading pharma machinery manufacturers. Our offered gyro machines are also useful to screen many type of ayurvedic and herbal products to remove unwanted materials, particles, fibres and other pieces.

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of " Pharmaceuticals " industry.

Chemical Industry

Our effective vibro screen machinery for chemical industry is used for screening of various type of chemicals and additives such as graphite, Soda Ash, Dyes, Food Colours, Intermediates, Toner powder, Carbon Powder and other fine chemicals. We have noticed that dusting is generated at the time of pesticide granules. Our gyro screen machines are installed after finishing of extrusion process to reduce dusting. So they are useful to remove dusting and foreign materials from pesticides, Insecticide and other chemicals. This process not only improves the product quality but also decreases the spreading of dust in the air. Our gyro screen machine is available with custom design and specification as per customer requirement at best discounted prices.

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of " Chemicals " industry.

Spice Industry

Our effective vibro screen machinery for Spice industry is used for screening of various type of spices like turmeric powder , chilli powder, Cumin, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds etc.

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of " Spices " industry.

Ceramic Industry

Ceramic industry requires process of screening for various process and raw materials. Our vibro screen machine for ceramic industry is very useful to filter huge volume of liquid slurry. Before going to next process, oversized material and particles are removed from the slurry by our most reliable gyro screen machine. Our vibro Screen machine is well known for providing trouble free solution of various tough applications because they are made of under strict supervision of qualified technical expert using high quality raw materials and modern machineries. Moreover, they are available as per customer requirement and specification at best market price.

Metal & Mineral Powder Industry

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of " Metal & Mineral Powders " industry.

Plastic & Polymer Industry

As a leading vibro screen machine supplier in India we are manufacturing and supplying Vibro Screen machine for Plastic & Polymer Industry Our gyro screen machines are made of best quality raw materials and made with the help of advanced technology. These gyro machines are used for separating dust and impurities from plastic materials being recycled in Injection moulding process. Our supplied vibro screen machines are very useful for various applications in many industries. Further they are available at various specifications and as per customer requirement at market leading rates.

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of " Plastic & Polymer " industry.

Agro Industry

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of " Agro Industry " industry.

Paper & Pulp Industry

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of " Paper & Pulp " industry.

Engineering Industry

Our Vibro machine are used for different applications of " Engineering " industry.

Refractory & Abrasive Industry

Refractory and Abrasives industry always need precisely classified raw material. Their end product is also defined by the grain or grit size of the material used.

Jyoti Vibro Screen, in multi deck construction, gives precise classification due to its perfect motion control. Special features like support mesh etc. are built in to minimize the wire mesh wear and tear in this application.

Starch & Glucose Industry

Starch and Glucose industry is having multiple applications for Jyoti Vibro Screen. All the departments of this industry need one or the other kind of separation in solid and liquid phase. Jyoti Vibro Screens are used for filtration of starch milk, filtration of starch slurry, screening of starch powder, Gluten and many other derivatives and by products of starch plants.

Many starch plants are also having Dextros production facility. Eta vibro screen is very widely used for dextrose powder, glucose powder, Maltodextrin, DAH (Dextrose anhydrous).

Dairy Industry

Our multipurpose Vibro screen machine for Dairy Industry is used to fulfil various applications of dairy requirements. Our high quality gyro screen machine is used to process milk powder or caramel and dry fruit in milk chocolates. Milk powder forms lumps when made in drier due to its hygroscopic nature so gyro screen machines are installed at the end of drier to break the milk powder lumps. Similarly caramel, dry fruits and chocolate dry pieces used in making of chocolate and ice cream are also screened effectively by our vibro screen machine Moreover our vibro screen machines are high in quality and efficient performer they are best option for your industrial use further these gyro and vibro screen machines are available at best competitive pricing.

Pesticides & Granule Industry

Jyoti Vibro Screens are used for Removal Of Dusting From Pesticide and Insecticide Noodles and other chemicals which have to be in granular form. Vibro Screens are also used for removing lumps or large pieces and foreign material from product.

In manufacturing process of Pesticides and insecticides granules, dusting is generated. Jyoti Pesticides Granules Screener when installed after the extrusion process significantly reduces amount of dusting in pesticides granules. This not only makes the product better but also reduces the harm full effect of dust spreading in air.

Similarly, for zinc oxide, metal carbide, sintering processes such De Dusting machine is very useful

Soap & Detergent Industry

Soap and Detergent industry has been using conventional rectangle screens so far. ETA Vibro Screened offers distinct advantage of compact and trouble free design for duties like screening of Soda Ash powder as well as finished detergent powder. In both cases Eta Vibro Screen® performs the function of removal of oversize material, unmixed material or moist lumps.

Others Industry

Bakery, Foundry, Fisheries, Rotomoulding etc.

Jyoti Vibro Screen is very versatile machine. It can be used in many industries. BUSINESS AREAS given in above list are prime areas in which our machine is widely used.

But even if your industry does not fall in any above mentioned areas still you can contact us and get trial with your material.